When crushes collide

My feminist crush, Jessica Valenti, was on the Colbert Report last night. (And Stephen Colbert is definitely my intellectual comedian crush.) When crushes collide, magic happens.

Check it:

2 thoughts on “When crushes collide

  1. I loved the “get behind” and “women flashing their own boobs” for pleasure moments. Also when he asks “am I a more empowered woman than you?” Plus, it was great when she managed to mention the problems with birth control access and the pay equity Supreme Court decision.

    I wonder how Ann Althouse liked her breasts?

  2. Absolutely! I was laughing so hard when he asked her if he was a more empowered woman than her. Seeing Valenti on Colbert was like discovering a flavor of ice cream that combines two flavors you love but had never been offered before. You love both flavors individually. Then you get them together and somehow love them even more. Yummy.

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