Uterus wars: periods, abortions and crazy people

Is there something in the water this week? Perhaps some sort of star and planet alignment that caused all the crazy people to come out of the woodwork in order to argue against women being able to control their own reproductive lives? I’m just asking because I can’t believe all the crap that went down this week!

  • Oklahoma banned abortions in state hospitals. ‘Cause the back alleys are so much safer and hospitable.
  • Anti-abortion activists took out a full page ad in a Colorado paper just to explain that the Focus on the Family founder James Dobson isn’t hardcore enough about speaking out against abortions. You know what’s scary? When James Dobson isn’t a hardcore hater enough for ya. Isn’t that like a hate feedback loop? Well, we both hate that women could have autonomy over their own bodies and could be considered capable of making decisions about their own bodies, but I hate that more!
  • The FDA approved Lybel, the new birth control drug that will make it possible to stop having periods all together (until you quit the drug). I’m not exactly sure how I feel about menstrual suppression, but I feel like it should be each individual woman’s choice. (There’s that wacky idea that women be able to make decisions about what’s going on inside their bodies, again.) But I will say, I certainly don’t think this pill warranted the crazy talk on FOX (then again, why am I surprised?):

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