Feminist assortment: Something for everyone

A little pressed for time today so I hope these feminist snacks can tide you over:

  • “Fag Bug” update: Yes! Erin Davies is interested in coming to Las Vegas. We’ve exchanged some lovely e-mails and through the generosity of the local feminist community we already have a place for her to stay. Looks like she’ll be motoring through around July 20/21 18 and 19 26 and 27 on her way to San Diego. Those who have expressed interest (and there’s room for more!), are busy coming up with a suitable event to get her some press and exposure in our community. Let me know if you can help, have ideas or are just willing to donate a few bucks to her gas and food fund! Feminists Unite! (For more on this click here.)
  • Very interesting study by Jennifer Berdahl at the University of Toronto titled “The Sexual Harassment of Uppity Women” (brought to light by the lovely Feministing, much thanks). First, you gotta love the title of that study! But more importantly, the study takes a much-needed and valuable look at what’s really behind sexual harassment in the workplace. Long considered the outward display of predatory male bosses, Berdahl’s work seems to dismantle that theory instead positing the idea that in fact women who break gender norms (i.e. they don’t act like good little feminine women) face more discrimination and hostility. Here in Nevada we only need look as far as the infamous Darlene Jesperson case at Harrah’s in Nevada. The female bartender was fired for not complying with a gender-normative makeup policy.
  • Love this! CODEPINK is sponsoring a sort of activist, feminist summer camp with its Peace Surge in DC this June and July! They’re taking applications now.
  • Finally, I wanted to link to this piece in Salon about Michelle Obama trading in her high-powered career for a supporting role on the campaign trail. Please, let’s hope there’s more of this kind of discussion rather than the revolting tripe paraded around when Hilary Clinton was not “baking cookies” and when Elizabeth Edwards was crucified for staying home to work and raise children while her husband campaigned last time around. And, of course, Obama has the added pressure of race to contend with as well. As Stephen Colbert might say, Nation, I’m putting the media on notice: No monkey business with these women!
  • Update: Forgot to include a link to this RJ story about banning those over age 13 from being in public parks with children. Sometimes I think we have lost our minds when it comes to sexual predators. I want to keep our children safe as much as the next person, but there’s got to be better ways than enacting sweeping legislation (like that proposed by state Sen. Dina Titus in SB 232) that hurts everyone’s civil liberties. In Titus’ bill, which she defended on KNPR’s State of Nevada program last week, sex offenders who loiter in places such as malls or movie theaters could be arrested. The intention behind laws like this is well-meaning, but legislation that creates more legal headaches than it cures doesn’t do us or the problem any good! What is loitering? When is it loitering and when is it just Christmas shopping or going to the movies? Instead, what about fixing our state’s problem with linking to national databases of convicted sex offenders (believe it or not, we don’t link to the FBI’s database!) or addressing the flaws of that very system. We do a terrible job of tracking sex offenders! You know what tracking amounts to? The honor system. Sex offenders get a postcard in the mail once a year and have to send it back in with their correct address. And if these convicted sex offenders have indeed paid their debt to society, shouldn’t they be all better? If it is impossible to rehabilitate a sex offender, then why do we let them out of jail? Perhaps a better form of therapy/incarceration is the answer. I don’t know. But enacting civil-liberties-violating laws is definitely NOT the answer!

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