Tell the NV Legislature how you feel about global warming

Got an e-mail from the Nevada Conservation League about some legislation being heard in the Assembly on Thursday.

Remember: We can’t effect change if we are silent.
Here’s the details:

On Thursday, the Assembly Committee on Elections, Procedures, Ethics and Constitutional Amendments will hold a hearing on ACR 24, which would create an interim study on global warming and environmental pollutants. Global warming threatens the health of Nevada’s residents, as well as our environment. Nevadans are already feeling global warming’s impact on our climate in the form of severe droughts, wildfires, and decreased snowpack.

Tell the Committee your story:
How has global warming has affected you personally? Provide a personal story to illustrate the human impact of global warming.
Why is taking action on global warming in Nevada important to you? What would you like to see done?

Nevada Conservation League will be testifying in support of ACR 24. By telling the Committee your story and urging them to pass ACR 24, we can push Nevada’s leaders to take action on global warming.

Contact the Committee:
Ellen Koivisto, Co-Chair/Co-Vice Chair
Phone: 775-684-8597 E-mail:
Harry Mortenson, Co-Chair/Co-Vice Chair
Phone: 775-684-8803 E-mail:
Marcus Conklin
Phone: 775-684-8505 E-mail:
Ruben Kihuen
Phone: 775-684-8553 E-mail:
Marilyn Kirkpatrick
Phone: 775-684-8509 E-mail:
Harvey Munford
Phone: 775-684-8545 E-mail:
James Ohrenschall
Phone: 775-684-8819 E-mail:
Tick Segerblom
Phone: 775-684-8549 E-mail:
Chad Christensen
Phone: 775-684-8853 E-mail:
Ty Cobb
Phone: 775-684-8848 E-mail:
Heidi Gansert
Phone: 775-684-8837 E-mail:
Ed Goedhart
Phone: 775-684-8805 E-mail:
James Settelmeyer
Phone: 775-684-8843 E-mail:

The hearing will be held at 3:45 p.m. on May 17th at:
Carson City:
Nevada Legislature
401 S. Carson Street
Room 3142

And video conferenced to:
Las Vegas:
Grant Sawyer Building
555 East Washington
Room 4406

For more information about contacting your Legislators, visit our website:

Thank you for taking action. Public involvement in this matter is crucial. Please let us know if you would like further information on this issue or how you can get involved this session.

Erin McCarty
Nevada Conservation League

One thought on “Tell the NV Legislature how you feel about global warming

  1. Hi there! Thanks for including the information about ACR 24 in your blog. Hopefully the Legislature will do the right thing and start taking action on this serious problem. I enjoy reading your posts, keep up the good work!!

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