I need a vacation

Also, I love the idea of pictures with gnomes or Hello Kitties or whatever in them. We should do that around here. Hello Kitty at Vagina Monologues. Hello Kitty at the Bellagio fountains. Awesome! — E

Tina Fey joins the fray: Bitch is the New Black

Watch it before it gets taken down: I’m not going to go into the possible election/advertisement rules Fey might be breaking here. I just thought it was funny. Also, as a writer, I was pretty amused by Fey’s opening monologue on SNL: http://showhype.com/video/saturday_night_live_tina_fey_w_steve_martin_snl_intro/ –Natalie

Running of the Reindeer

You may have heard about it — I saw a thing on TV even. Up in Anchorage, AK they had the inaugural “Running of the Reindeer” yesterday during the annual Fur Rendezvous Festival. And my very own husband ran in it. You can see him in this youtube video (around 53 seconds in, look for…

80s Part II

I am convinced we are living in the 1980s, Part II. I know there are no new ideas, but this has got to stop! Here’s my proof, in no particular order (feel free to offer your own evidence in comments): There’s a Bush in the White House There’s an American-led war in the Middle East…

Totally shameless

Thank goodness Natalie is on her game because I’m still trying to get this monster out of my lungs. I’ll spare you the snotty details, suffice it to say this is the sickest I’ve been in years. But I’m not too sick to shamelessly promote a funny little political video — made by my very…