Tina Fey joins the fray: Bitch is the New Black

Watch it before it gets taken down:

I’m not going to go into the possible election/advertisement rules Fey might be breaking here. I just thought it was funny.

Also, as a writer, I was pretty amused by Fey’s opening monologue on SNL:



One thought on “Tina Fey joins the fray: Bitch is the New Black

  1. I have a full-on writer-crush on Tina Fey. I actually only caught the Weekend Update portion of her show last week. But it had me laughing so hard! I’m still quoting the line about the yogurt: “On the serious — thanks for the yogurt.” Classic! The whole thing was so rad and it just made me wish she was still SNL’s head writer and that somehow she could also keep writing 30 Rock. I’m tellin’ ya. More Tina Fey! Just can’t get enough! ~E

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