So sad you have to laugh.

My sister works at an RV Park on a busy street.

The other night, from her office window she sees a pedestrian get hit by a car. She calls 911.

She rushes out to the man, who is bleeding profusely from the face (!), and tells him that everything will be all right, an ambulance is on its way…

The man says, “GREAT – I don’t have HEALTH INSURANCE.”

Why do we live in a country where we even have to think about something like money when we’re, well, bleeding from the face, for example?

Apparently he survived the crash but whether he survived the bills is unknown.


5 thoughts on “So sad you have to laugh.

  1. I’ve been all wound up about that very subject for a while now. But it’s made me hyper-aware of the reality of living in a country without a safety net. So much so that last week, I found one of my elderly neighbors semi-conscious on the ground in my parking lot, and instead of calling for an ambulance right away, I had to check with him and make sure it was OK that I did so. Now our instinctive urge to take care of others has to be suppressed. Great.

  2. This makes me sick! (No pun intended.)

    In fact, like Pzilla, this issue has been on my mind a lot lately, too. As most of you know my father-in-law has advanced cancer. Just to get chemo it costs thousands of dollars. He has already said that if he didn’t have insurance, he would have had to just do without chemo and let nature take its course.

    Obviously, I’m grateful that my father-in-law has insurance and can get quality care. But what is wrong with our country — one of the richest in the world — that people have to make (or even consider) those kinds of choices?!

  3. Yeah it’s been on my mind since my mom broke her heel in a car accident and couldn’t work and had to sue to pay her medical bills. Watching Sicko, I’ll admit, confirmed and deepended my stance on the issue: universal health care is a must!
    That’s why we’re a sue-crazy nation… One mistake by someone and you’re in debt! It’s insanity.
    I think we should start a People’s Health Care movement in which those who have money can sponsor treatment and surgery and prescriptions for those who don’t – to do what the government is taking too long to do.

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