Feminist Files: It’s not me, it’s you edition

  • Mama’s got the magic… of Prozac: New study finds the stay-at-home moms are more depressed than either their working-mom counterparts or working women without kids. They also are more likely to report that they are “struggling,” angry, stressed, and sad. Study authors posit that this is at least partly due to the fact that most SAHM’s feel undervalued. I would add that the dominant cultural meme that says that women are constantly fucking up how they parent doesn’t help.
  • Holding the line: Obama administration holds the line on no-cost contraception coverage.
  • There’s no whining in baseball: Catholic-school baseball players in Arizona wig out about a girl being on the team who made it to the state championship game. Why am I not surprised this is in Arizona? To paraphrase Samantha from Sex and The City: What are they, afraid she’s going to get her period and ruin your homerun? Guess what, turkeys? Life is a co-ed sport. Deal with it.
  • For the visual learners: Thanks to my friends at Planned Parenthood for tweeting about this mighty fine “big-*ss chart” that gives you a rather startling visual representation of the for-the-lack-of-a-better name-but-still-very-real War on Women. Did you know that since 2010 there have been no comprehensive job bills proposed on the federal level… but in that same time a combined 1100 bills were introduced in legislatures all over the country (with 135 passing) that were designed to limit women’s access to health care and abortion, in particular? Yeah, now there’s a chart for that.
  • Blame it on the Glee: From the you-can’t-make-this-shit-up division, single-mother Bristol Palin denounces President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage because “in general kids grow up better in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.” She goes on to blame Obama’s decision on being overly influenced by his daughters, who may have just watched “one too many episodes of Glee.” (PS: I have no issue with single parenting. But I find it incredibly hypocritical to make your name in part on being one of the most famous single mothers in out culture and then condemn non-heteronormative family structures while simultaneously giving yourself an exemption from it. I call shenanigans!)

One thought on “Feminist Files: It’s not me, it’s you edition

  1. Have to point out, on the “baseball” story that the school that refused to play was not an ‘ordinary’ Catholic school, but one run by the schismatic — though Pope Ratzinger is trying to change that — Society of St. Pius X, the anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying group that got in the news when Mel Gibson’s father was shown to be a member. during the PASSION OF THE CHRIST controversy. (And, interestingly enough, the other school had benched the female player during the regular season games they had played, out of ‘respect for the other schools’ beliefs,’ but felt it was unfair to its own supporters to do it during the Championship game.)

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