Feminist Files: Would you, could you in a box?

  • Viva la revolution! As Ms. deftly points out: It’s not a “Mommy War,” it’s a War on Moms!And if that title isn’t enough to get you interested, how about this nugget: The UN estimates that women do an estimated $11 trillion a year in unpaid labor. That’s trillion. With a T.

    If you were just thinking, "Is that a sparkly vagina?" The answer is, "Yes. Yes it is."

  • There’s never a handmaid when you need one: New Wisconsin law forces Planned Parenthood to stop all nonsurgical abortions. And why is that? Under the new law, a doctor who performs an abortion can be brought up on criminal charges if s/he is found to have violated certain procedures. What was that about the War on Women being fictional?
  • Speaking of the contents of my uterus: The new Arizona law banning abortion after 20 weeks (and including two weeks prior to conception as part of the tally) is bad enough. But I dare you to not be depressed after reading this LA Times piece that lays out just how many nasty anti-choice laws there are.
  • It’s the angry feminists, stupid: Remember Phyllis Schlafly? Well, if you’re a Third Waver or younger, probably not. But Schlafly is like the anti-feminist cockroach that won’t die. For 40 years she’s been beating the drum against the cause and you can easily cast her as the villain to Gloria Steinem’s hero. Back in the day, she launched a vitriolic campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment. To put it another way, Rush Limbaugh ain’t got nothing on Phyllis. She’ll see your, “feminazi” taunt and raise you with this gem from a recent speech: The real war on women is by the feminists who demean women who choose the career path of homemaker, and mislead young women into believing … that a job in the workforce will be more significant and rewarding than marriage and motherhood. You forgot to mention our agenda to turn all women into lesbians, too.
  • Because bitch is the new black: Why are so few women in leadership positions making decisions about the lives and livelihoods of women? Where are the women?!
  • VAWA is why I like Biden: (True story.) The Violence Against Women Act is landmark legislation that has not only helped countless people but has also provided the platform for enormous social change. It not only helps those affected by domestic violence, it also helps survivors of sexual violence. There should be no debate about renewing it. None.

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