Readers’ Choice

As I reached for a warmer blanket for the bed this week, I was reminded that in no time we’ll be getting ready for roast beast (of the meat or non-meat varieties) on Thanksgiving. And when I think about Thanksgiving, I think about The Sin City Siren’s annual Mindful Giving list.

Like last year, I’m going to be focusing on local charities (or those who have a big local impact). But I want you to help! Do you have a favorite local charity or group that deserves some love this holiday season? Tell me who your top pick or picks would be!

In this year’s Mindful Giving list, I will be including one (or more) Readers’ Choice picks!

Submit your nominations for the top local charities/groups (they need not be non-profits)! Tell me about the group and why they get your nomination. What good works do they do in the community? And what is it about them that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy? Is it their reputation? Their service record? The population they help? And if you are a charity or group that would like to be considered, don’t be shy!

Deadline for entries is Nov. 18!

Send me your nominations via email at thesincitysiren[at]yahoo[dot]com. Or tweet me @TheSinCitySiren. And there’s always Facebook!

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