Experiencing technical difficulties edition

Experiencing a total computer melt-down here at Siren HDQ. I am trying to post this from my cell phone. Dedication!

1. If you can get your butt to Grant Sawyer tomorrow do it to come out for SB369, otherwise known as “the brothel tax.” Actually an excise tax on services and could net state $3-4 mil plus establish first-ever Ombudsman for Sex Workers. Sen. Coffins’ bill might not be perfect but it’s a huge first step in the right direction. Kudos to him for taking this on during this session.

2. Other interesting bills w/ hearings: SB283 (dom partnership rights), SB207 and AB184.

3. Also don’t forget to vote in the leg poll on the ERA. We’re gaining ground. Last checked it was 51 for/83 against. See previous post for instructions/details.

4. Equality Days is April 21-22 in Carson City. This is the first time ever and it looks to be amazing. More info from the LGBT Center, NOW and other groups.

5. The Dream Act has been reintroduced in Congress. A march is planned in LV May 1. More info w/ Si Se Peuede and PLAN.

** Stay tuned for updates on new developments for The Sin City Siren. Next month we turn 2! We’re organizing a team for the Race for the Cure (May 2) and much more!

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