Deadline to register is Oct. 4 — that’s tomorrow, people!

The deadline to register to vote in Nevada is Saturday, Oct. 4. That’s tomorrow!

After that, the only option you have is to get in your car/on the bus/ride your bike/walk over to the Clark County Elections Department (or elections department in your county if you’re outside SoNV) and register to vote IN PERSON. You have until Oct. 14 to do that.

But if you’re as lazy as most Americans, you basically won’t get registered if you have to go through all those steps. So make it easy on yourself! Do it now while you still can so easily! Use the internet. Or call one of the besquillion campaigns who are out there registering people to vote right now. (Hell, they’ll probably get in their car and drive to you right this second. Because it is that important!)

I cannot be more serious when I ask you, what are you doing reading The Sin City Siren if you are not registered to vote? Registering to vote — and then, you know, actually voting — is the LEAST you can do. Literally, it is the least you can do to participate in democracy.

Do it! This isn’t a joke. Time is actually running out as you read this. I’ll make it easy for you. Here are some links:

Need more reasons? Are you motivated by celebrities?

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