Red Rock is not for sale!

I really can’t say it any better than my friends at ProgressNow Nevada, so here’s the scoop:

On Wednesday, developer Jim Rhodes will once again ask the Clark County Commission for permission to build a 1,000-home community on 2,400 acres just east of Red Rock Canyon.

We all joined together several years ago to block this lousy idea.

We cheered when Rhodes lost. But he sued, got some help from the courts, and is back again.

Sadly this latest proposal isn’t much different from the first.

In fact, now that it stands to potentially threaten an endangered plant species, commissioners should be even more wary of loosening the density requirements in the overlay district.

We know money talks in these tough economic times and many people would love the chance to build homes, no matter where they are.

But the recession also gives us a chance to once-and-for-all be smart about any future growth.

And the Rhodes’ plan still isn’t smart.

Take action today to tell your county commissioner not to permit higher-density zoning near such a treasure.

Our friends with the Save Red Rock movement have put up an online petition that will be delivered to the commissioners at their meeting this Wednesday.

Sign the petition to save Red Rock!

Then write to the commissioners and SAY NO TO THE SETTLEMENT! Tell them you do NOT want them to pass the settlement agreement which will give Jim Rhodes the ability to apply for increased density and a major project in the heart of Red Rock Canyon. We have the tools setup to make it fast and easy.

If you can, please attend the Red Rock Rally and Clark County zoning hearing this Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the county building (500 S. Grand Central Pwky).  It is crucial that the commissioners see a large amount of support for Red Rock Canyon, or they’ll give in to the DA’s advice to change the rural zoning to save money.

Take action today, or watch one of our most beautiful natural spaces disappear.

2 thoughts on “Red Rock is not for sale!

  1. I’m actually less concerned with where Rhodes wants to develop than with the fact that ANYONE would be brazen enough to build a NEW development when there are dozens of unfinished ones around the valley, not to mention the thousands of abandoned homes in existing developments. Where is the demand Rhodes thinks exists for such a proposal?

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