Health care mini-post

I’m formulating a post about all this health care reform stuff. But it’s not ready and I do not have time right now to get into all of it. (The short take is that I grew up poor and had very limited access to health care. I’m for all Americans having access to reliable, affordable health care.)

For now, I’m passing along some links that may be of interest:

  • If you want to show your support for Obama’s plan, sign on here.
  • When I worked at PLAN, I worked on the Health Care for America Now campaign. You can get involved, too.
  • This is the official government website about the Health Care Reform Task Force.
  • This is a Time article on the implications of reproductive rights on the reform efforts. Some are willing to sink health care for all because of their feelings about abortion. But let me just say right now that women’s access to health care, including health care related to their reproductive health and choices, is not “optional” health care. Stop treating the presence of a uterus as a mental defect!

More later …

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