Happy Birthday to The Siren!

Tomorrow (May 6) is the one-year anniversary of The Sin City Siren! It’s been quite a year!

Thank you to all the loyal readers and fabulous guest writers over the past year! You rock!

From organizing the Fag Bug visit to Las Vegas in the first month of the blog’s creation to establishing ourselves as a political blog for Southern Nevada, The Sin City Siren has been a wonderful labor of love for me. I hope that along the way, this blog has been just what you’ve been looking for — well, maybe not for the people who find us using the search words like “sin city sluts,” “bitch barbie,” or “hillary cleavage” — and more.

As The Siren turns one, I wonder what is on your minds, dear readers:

Are you getting what you want out of The Siren?

Is there something you would like to see that’s not here?

And what is it about The Siren that keeps you coming back? What do you like?

Please, don’t be shy. Leave some thoughts in the comments. I really do want to know what’s on your mind.

Your humble Sin City Siren founder and editor,


One thought on “Happy Birthday to The Siren!

  1. Emmily, congratulations!!!! I love reading your blog..I check it at least three times a week..its funny and informative and that’s why I come back. Plus you are such a big supporter of all of our efforts how could I not read…

    Thanks for all you do!! You ROCK!


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