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Sue Lowden campaign exploits rape story to attack GOP opponent

Trigger Warning: Sexual assault and gun violence Of all the dirty campaign tricks, this latest one from Republican lieutenant governor candidate Sue Lowden (or is it Chuck Muth?) has to be one of the vilest. Late Saturday, Steve Sebelius broke the news of a repugnant piece of propaganda released by Lowden’s camp. The six-page letter,…

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Reid’s House of Cards

There’s something that’s been bothering me about the whole Harry Reid/Lucy Flores/LG race theatrics. Why the melodrama about backing Assemblywoman Flores in the first place? Who else could Democrats muster as a winning candidate to top the ticket in 2014? (Without a presidential race or even a compelling bid against the incumbent Gov. Brian Sandoval,…

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No, I Won’t Stop Swearing

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For those of you who somehow haven’t noticed, I occasionally use cuss words in my writing. I’m a grownup writing for grownups, and I just kind of figure that these are all words we’ve heard used at one time or another. Like, does anyone actually find the words fuck…

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Separation Anxiety

Originally posted on Desert Beacon:
Remember back in 2010 when Nevada’s resident RWNJ Sharron Angle told us she equated her campaign against Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) as a calling from God?  [LVSun]  Her comments were accurately labeled “Reconstructionism.”  “In this regard, Angle’s view of religion’s role in government parallels that of a religious political movement…