Stop saying “blue lives matter”

Black people killed by police in 2015: 1,134

Cops killed in 2015: 94 (42 by gunfire)

Stop saying “blue lives matter” or “all lives matter.” The #BlackLivesMatter movement is a response to unprovoked violence and deaths of black people for doing the simple thing of BEING ALIVE. If you want to have the moral high ground, start paying attention to who is actually dying.

Cops are doing a job they CHOOSE — a dangerous job (albeit safer than being a minority) for which they are paid and ARMED.

It’s not the same thing at all.

If minority people were treated equally and without prejudice in this country, there would be no need to remind the world that their lives matter, too. The fact that they continually have to remind us that they deserve to live, breathe, work, play, walk down the street, drive cars, and more is part of the problem. That is why Black Lives Matter exists. Stop contributing to the problem of white privilege and ignorance and blindness to inequities.

Fellow white people: Educate yourself. Do not ask a non-white person to educate you. (Seriously, do not ask your “one black friend” to explain it to you.) We live in a magical time — Google it. Go to the library. Read a book, a blog, watch a documentary. Then, if you see something, SAY SOMETHING. Step out of your privilege and be a witness.

Do not assume you know what a person or group wants/needs. Ask them how you can be of service! Ask them if they even want your help. Don’t be a brat if they are emotional because of everything going on or are too raw/angry to deal with you. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. Do not act helpful or claim to be an ally and then expect a gold star (also known as “cookies”).

Stop making excuses for systemic oppression. Stop knee-jerk reacting because something is disquieting your white privilege. It needs to be disquieted. It’s time to have your privileged comfort disrupted. Change will not happen until we all show up. 

Photo credit: Emmily Bristol (The Sin City Siren)

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