Position Foot, Aim and Fire: Voting Proposals in Nevada

Desert Beacon

Shoot in FootLest we get lulled into thinking that voter suppression is something that might never happen in Nevada — caveat emptor, we’ve been over this territory before.   Even the Nevada Secretary of State got into the act last season. [DB]  And, make no mistake — curtailing access to the polls is voter suppression.  It is not “protecting” the vote. It is not “insuring the integrity of elections.”  It is not about “making every vote count.”  It IS about systematically restricting voting to those demographics which will likely produce the desired result for the powers that be in the Republican Party.

The voter identification laws, and the legislation introduced around the country ( 2011 Nevada), are specifically targeted at members of ethnic minority communities, young people, and the elderly. [Brennan Center] [Politico] [Moyers

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