ICYMI: Siren on The Agenda talking about LG race, Sandoval, and sex ed

Oh my chickadees, I have been so deliriously busy that I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting you — but only a little! Because actually, if you’ve been following me on twitter and Facebook, you know that I’m cooking up a big campaign that launches on Sunday. Complete with a video, a tweet-chat, and somebody here at the office told me there may even be a give-away. Oh wait, I’m the only one here, so it must be true! Stay tuned!

Speaking of tuning in, did you catch me on The Agenda on Tuesday? They let me rant about how much I hate Gov. Brian Sandoval’s policies (and even threw in some reminiscing about Gov. Gibbons term — good times) and talk about the abysmal joke of sex education “updates” that Lyon County was considering (they decided to table it).

One such “update” proposed to add that “Homosexuality shall not be presented as an acceptable lifestyle.” Sigh. Where do I even begin? Amiright? I also got to mention the ridiculously slut-shamy language, such as this gem, “Promiscuity shall not be presented as normal/acceptable behavior.” So, what exactly does “promiscuity” mean here? How much sex is promiscuous? How do teachers know how to teach that in specific, consistent terms? They can’t! Because a word like “promiscuity” is a value-judgement, not a term based in medical fact. Or, you know, science.

Sadly, I ran out of time before I got to bring up the section in which teachers can instruct students about, “Discuss[ing] second chances (concept of Secondary Virginity) and the idea that it is never too late to practice abstinence.” Well, that’s half-right. It is never too late to practice abstinence. But “Secondary Virginity” sounds like a concept created by the same folks that brought you the Tooth Fairy and Unicorns. … Maybe it’s magic! (Luckily, The Sun got a chance to bring this up in an article today.)

This is why we need comprehensive sex education in Nevada!

You can watch the full episode on The Agenda website here! I had a good time sounding off on politics and reproductive rights. Cause, you know, that’s how I roll.

And look for the first post in a special week-long campaign starting on Sunday! I can’t wait to share what De’Liza and I have been working on!

See if you can guess what it’s about from this behind-the-scenes pic from our video shoot (no spoilers from the insiders who were at the shoot!):

Slut Riot, August 2013

Slut Riot, August 2013

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