A quickie

I don’t have time to do these proper justice but can’t let it go by …

  • The Governor’s getting sued, again. Divorce court, civil court (for conspiracy to prohibit due process for Chrissy Mazzeo, whom he allegedly attempted to sexually assault) and now sued for wrongful termination (aka abuse of power, ala Sarah Palin). Gibby’s having a bad month. Mary Keating is suing Gibbons because she says she was fired from her job as the head of the state audit division for blowing the whistle on his inappropriate text messaging (800+ texts to an alleged mistress in a 5-week period). According to the lawsuit, the firing has had a “chilling” effect on other state employees who are tempted to shine the light on the governor’s other bad behavior.
  • Speaking of bad behavior, Palin’s up to her own. According to an AP story, black leaders in Alaska are speaking up about their governor (and McCain running-mate). Black leaders feel ignored and that Palin has the wrong approach on race issues. Not surprising to hear after things have gotten so ugly at her rallies (including one incident of a crowd-member calling a black cameraman to “sit down, boy” with no response from Palin).
  • The ACORN thing is being used by Republicans to claim the election is “being stolen.” With all their experience stealing elections, they would know.
  • Nevada’s unemployment rate highest since 1985. Sigh.

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