Happy (late) Friday: Tina Fey edition

So I have a really big Girl/Writer crush on Tina Fey. She is funny, feminist and just generally kicks ass. So imagine my delight to find Fey on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and Marie Claire! Finally, a kick-ass role model on the cover of national, main-stream magazines! I have to soak it up when I can!

But then I noticed something not so cool. In both cover packages, Fey’s scar, above her lip, has been airbrushed out. Indeed, the Marie Claire cover hardly even looks like her. So much so that my husband, who also likes Fey, asked me who it was on the cover. He didn’t recognize her!

Of course, I know airbrushing exists and fashion magazines are notorious for it. (I seem to remember some star complaining that a mag changed the color of her eyes on a cover not too long ago.) But come on! This is Tina Fey! She’s on an award-winning sitcom and spent years on SNL. We know she has a scar. (And I don’t see Harrison Ford’s scar airbrushed out — seems it’s usually considered sexy.) We don’t care! And for crying out loud, even if she isn’t the “model type,” I think she’s gorgeous!

I say we celebrate awesome women like Fey! Even when magazine editors act like douchezillas! Long live amazing women with brains and beauty and babies!

— E

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