What’s a queen bee gotta do to get some big screen respect?

Bee Movie – you know, the movie written by Jerry Seinfeld and three other dudes that’s saturating entertainment news and advertising – is just a silly animated movie, right?

Not if you ask apiarist and budding feminist Susan Brackney, who wrote a fascinating op-ed piece for the NY Times today called The Real Life of Bees about the roles of the females and males in the hive. Here’s an excerpt:

“In Hollywood’s version, there are more than three times the number of male roles than female ones, but a cartoon of my own hive would have thousands of leading ladies and only a handful of male extras. …non-animated (male) drones don’t collect pollen, or make beeswax, or even have stingers. If Mr. Seinfeld wanted realism (and an R rating), his male bees would be sex workers who do little more than mate with the queen — after which their genitals snap off. Worse: when winter comes, worker bees shove the freeloading males out into the cold. If drones are required in the spring, the queen will simply make more of them.”

I know, I know – it’s simply an animated movie, right? It’s not March of the Bees; one can’t expect the greatest of accuracy. But should we? What’s wrong with doing a little actual research on what really happens in a hive? I sympathize with Susan, because I’m always giving films accuracy ratings.

Anyway, just thought this was interesting and worth noting for all you animated movie/bee/Seinfeld fans who might go see Bee Movie. I’m still gonna see it, I figure it *will* be funny. But you can rest assured that I’ll be smirking when I’m not laughing.


One thought on “What’s a queen bee gotta do to get some big screen respect?

  1. Seinfeld is about as funny as stomach cancer and “Bee Movie” doesn’t even look as entertaining as that. But considering how lousy Americans are with science, this type of stuff can’t be ignored.

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