The goods – Stormy weather edition

The internet’s been down at the humble Siren headquarters, so apologize for delays, etc. And I sincerely hope everyone’s all dried out and unharmed from last night’s rainstorm.

  • This month emergency contraception, known by most by the commercial brand Plan B, celebrates one year of being available over-the-counter for those 18 and older. Just wondering if anyone out there experienced any problems obtaining their EC of if they have EC-related stories to share? (For instance, NOW released a statement a couple of weeks ago supporting the Compassionate Care for Servicewomen Act, which would provide EC for women in the military because currently they can’t get EC.)
  • Last week the Clark County Commission has approved plans for a Republic Services recycling pilot program. Under the current system, trash is picked up twice a week (in nearly limitless quantities) and recycling is picked up once every other week (if you are a non-apartment-dwelling residential customer — those are in a legal loophole). The company likes to say it’s recycling service is “free” to residential customers, but in fact the fee is included in everyone’s bill whether they recycle or not. The pilot program offers two alternative choices and is completely voluntary. The first option is trash and recycling pick-up once a week (each) and the other is two trash pick-ups and one recycling pick-up a week. The valley’s 2% residential recycling rate is not only crap, but well below the benchmark set more than a decade ago. So, here’s hoping people wake up and smell the landfill.
  • I mentioned this before but it merits repeating: Don’t forget about hazardous waste collection day here in the valley on Sept. 8. From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. you can drop off your used batteries, CFLs, paint, oil, pesticides, pool cleaners and other nasty stuff free of charge at four locations: Laughlin Landfill, Sloan Transfer Station, Republic Services Recycling Center and the Henderson Transfer Station.
  • I’m pissed about the Michael Vick thing and so is Sandra Kobrin. I think she may be comparing apples to oranges here as she equates dog abuse with domestic violence, but there is a greater point here about how outraged we get about animal abuse versus abuse against women. Kobrin takes out her anger on the NFL (as well as MLB and the NBA), but shouldn’t we be more pissed about the laws in this country regarding domestic violence and sexual assault? I mean, I love animals very much and have pets myself, but when is a dog’s life more important than a woman’s?
  • For all those who ask me why I’m not a fawning Hillary Clinton supporter — the fact that we both have vaginas isn’t quite enough to snatch my liberal vote — I give you this delightful post by the Las Vegas Gleaner. He pretty much sums it up perfectly, except he leaves out the part where Clinton sometimes does the wrong thing on reproductive rights issues just to appear more centrist.

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